The Front Door Dilemma


During the holidays we often get more guests than other times of the year, which can cause a dilemma of what to do with our dogs, especially at the front door. While some of us have dogs that politely greet guests, others have overly excited or fearful dogs that can make having people over stressful. My dog Eli is extremely … Read More

Halloween Safety Tips

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Halloween Safety Tips Halloween can be a fun and spooktacular time for us humans, but is often a very scary and unsafe evening for our dogs.  Here are a few Halloween Safety Tips to keep your dog healthy and safe: Keep Candy Out of Reach:  Chocolate, gum and xylito (a sweetener in some gum and candy) are toxic to dogs … Read More

Cues: How We Say Them, What We Say, or Both?


Cues: How We Say Them, What We Say, or Both? When giving our dogs praise or cues, what is most important, the words we are saying, how we say them, or both?  As an example, you can give your dog praise by saying, “yes” or “good dog” in a very monotone manner, removing as much emotion from your voice as … Read More

6 Reasons Your Dog Might Be Ignoring You


6 Reasons Your Dog Might Be Ignoring You Attention is a key component of your relationship and your communication with your dog. When our dog does not pay attention to us, it can be extremely frustrating.   Here are 6 reasons why your dog might be ignoring you: Your Dog’s Attention Hasn’t be Acknowledged and Reinforced: Dogs do what works and … Read More

Reaching Weight Loss Goal while Using Positive Reinforcement Training – Sophie’s Story

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Reaching a weight loss goal while using positive reinforcement training.  Is it possible?  Yes it is.  Here is Sophie’s story. We’ve all seen them, the dogs whose bellies are virtually dragging on the ground as they walk. Running for these dogs is impossible and it’s hard to tell if they are standing or lying down because their height doesn’t change … Read More

Keep Your Dog Healthy and Safe on Hot Days

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Keep Your Dog Healthy and Safe on Hot Days – Safety Tip of the Month Summer is a great time for trips to the beach, pool parties, play-dates, and evening walks at the park.  However, the heat the summer brings can be dangerous for our dogs, causing illness, injuries and even death.  Here are some summer tips to keep your … Read More

July 4th Safety Tips

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July 4th Safety Tips More dogs get lost on July 4th than any other day of the year. Fireworks can be very scary for dogs and may cause them to hide or even escape from the house or yard. Here are some July 4th safety tips to help your dog stay safe this year: Keep your dog indoors and create … Read More

The Importance of Physical and Mental Stimulation


Importance of Physical and Mental Stimulation Lack of mental stimulation and physical exercise is crucial to your dog’s emotional and physical health.  Sadly, many dogs are forced to live a very sedentary/couch potato life as their owners are at work all day and/or busy with their own activities.  Dogs that don’t get enough physical and mental activity can suffer from … Read More



Foxtails are a long meadow grass that resemble the tail of a fox. They are often found along paths and roads. In the winter they are soft and green, but in the Spring, the seed heads dry and can become a danger to our dogs. They stick to clothes and fur and can easily become lodged between a dog’s toes, … Read More

Is Your Dog Stubborn?


I often hear my clients say that their dog is stubborn or defiant. Most of the time, when dogs don’t follow our cues, it has nothing to do with being stubborn. Here are 8 reasons why your dog might not be responding to training and your cues: Too Many Distractions: Dogs don’t generalize very well and need a lot of … Read More