Introducing Dogs on Leash


Introducing Dogs on Leash Too often, greeting another dog on leash does not go well, even when both dogs are well socialized and dog friendly.  Leashes limit your dog’s natural greeting movements and can create tension and frustration for many dogs. Here are 7 tips for successful leash meet and greets for two dog friendly dogs: Ask Permission and Play … Read More

Rattlesnake Bite Prevention

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Rattlesnake Bite Prevention Rattlesnake season peaks in the hot summer months, but in San Diego, the season often starts in the Spring. A rattlesnake bite can be life threatening to dogs of all sizes, but with a few preventative measures, you can reduce your dog’s risk of being bitten. Get your dog the rattlesnake vaccination: Although the vaccination will not … Read More

Dog Bite Prevention


Dog Bite Prevention According to the Center For Disease Control (CDC), approximately 4.5 million dog bites occur in the United States annually. Although larger dogs can have stronger bites, it is important to remember, no matter how well socialized or trained a dog is, any dog can bite. Here are the main reasons dog’s bite: Reaction to a stressful situation … Read More

Accidents Happen

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Accidents Happen One of the questions I receive on a fairly regular basis is, “Why does my dog have accidents in the house?” or “How do I deal with my dog when he/she has an accident in the house?”  I think it’s critically important to remember that your dog is not having accidents out of spite, anger, or just because … Read More

The Front Door Dilemma


During the holidays we often get more guests than other times of the year, which can cause a dilemma of what to do with our dogs, especially at the front door. While some of us have dogs that politely greet guests, others have overly excited or fearful dogs that can make having people over stressful. My dog Eli is extremely … Read More

Cues: How We Say Them, What We Say, or Both?


Cues: How We Say Them, What We Say, or Both? When giving our dogs praise or cues, what is most important, the words we are saying, how we say them, or both?  As an example, you can give your dog praise by saying, “yes” or “good dog” in a very monotone manner, removing as much emotion from your voice as … Read More

6 Reasons Your Dog Might Be Ignoring You


6 Reasons Your Dog Might Be Ignoring You Attention is a key component of your relationship and your communication with your dog. When our dog does not pay attention to us, it can be extremely frustrating.   Here are 6 reasons why your dog might be ignoring you: Your Dog’s Attention Hasn’t be Acknowledged and Reinforced: Dogs do what works and … Read More

Is Your Dog Stubborn?


I often hear my clients say that their dog is stubborn or defiant. Most of the time, when dogs don’t follow our cues, it has nothing to do with being stubborn. Here are 8 reasons why your dog might not be responding to training and your cues: Too Many Distractions: Dogs don’t generalize very well and need a lot of … Read More