Rattlesnake Bite Prevention

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Rattlesnake Bite Prevention Rattlesnake season peaks in the hot summer months, but in San Diego, the season often starts in the Spring. A rattlesnake bite can be life threatening to dogs of all sizes, but with a few preventative measures, you can reduce your dog’s risk of being bitten. Get your dog the rattlesnake vaccination: Although the vaccination will not … Read More

Reaching Weight Loss Goal while Using Positive Reinforcement Training – Sophie’s Story

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Reaching a weight loss goal while using positive reinforcement training.  Is it possible?  Yes it is.  Here is Sophie’s story. We’ve all seen them, the dogs whose bellies are virtually dragging on the ground as they walk. Running for these dogs is impossible and it’s hard to tell if they are standing or lying down because their height doesn’t change … Read More

Older Labs Susceptible to Laryngeal Paralysis

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Older Labs Susceptible to Laryngeal Paralysis Older labs can be susceptible to laryngeal paralysis.  An article written by California central valley veterinarian Jeff Kahler discusses a condition known as Laryngeal Paralysis which has a high incidence in older labs.  This condition can be inherited or acquired.  Some of the symptoms are coughing, change in bark tone, noisy breathing and others. … Read More