Training Tip of the Month: 5 Minutes, That’s All it Takes


Training Tip of the Month

5 Minutes, That’s All it Takes

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When I check in with clients to see how their training is going, I often hear, “I was too busy this week to do any training.” Training doesn’t need to take-up a large portion of your day. In fact, sessions should be very short and can take place in your daily interactions with your dog. Here are just a few tips to make the very best out of your training:

Keep training sessions short. You will make bigger gains if you have 3-5 quick training sessions a day rather than one really long session. Training sessions only need to be 3-10 minutes.

Be enthusiastic and have fun! We all learn better from teachers that are enthusiastic about their subject and your dog is no different. If you are not engaging and having fun, your dog will lose interest in you and in learning. Training sessions should be as enjoyable as playing a game.

It’s hard to learn something new when there are a lot of distractions, so start your training in a quiet location. Once your dog has learned the cue, gradually add distractions.

Always end your training session with success and lots of praise, so your dog will look forward to the next session.

Be patient! Just like people, some dogs learn slowly.